Advancing the frontier in RF connectivity, semiconductor design and manufacturing

Synesys Technologies Holding was incorporated in November 2017 as an investment holding group to capitalize on high-technology opportunities with a focus on connectivity solutions in RF and Microwave technologies, and value-added manufacturing.

Our mission is to become the investor of choice for promising technology companies in Singapore advancing the frontier in technologies for wired and wireless connectivity, semiconductor design, manufacturing, and knowledge-based engineering.

The group comprises our flagship company MEDs Technologies, established in 1996 as a RF components distribution business with value-added manufacturing services company in the electronics sector. The company also offers foundry-related services for product designers, system designers and integrators.

Other companies in the groups include Continuumm Technologies, which specializes in the manufacture of high quality and technologically advanced  wire harness products. Also included, is the recently incorporated Verotronic Technologies whose focus is on high-quality RF related cables and connectors.

Our Management Team

Mr. Tony Chia - Synesys Group Honorary Chairman

Tony Chia

Co-Founder and Director

Tony Chia is the co-founder and Director of both Synesys Technologies Holding and MEDs Technologies. In the earlier part of his career, he founded an RF/MW distribution company that was acquired by Avnet Inc. in 1996. With 30 years of management experience in the industry, Tony invested in Synesys Technologies Holding and its group of companies to help them become global innovation partners.

Mr. Kien Tech Chan - Synesys Group CEO

Chan Kien Teck

Co-Founder and Chairman/CEO of Synesys and MEDs

Chan Kien Teck is the co-founder of both Synesys Technologies Holding and MEDs Technologies. He serves as Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Synesys Technologies Holding and as the Chief Executive Officer of MEDs Technologies, now a Synesys group company.